Artist: Humberto Corral Morales

A.K.A. "Desorden Juana Gallo"


Indian Ink, Watercolors, Coffee, Red Wine And Salt.

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A Postmodern artist or writer is in the same situation as a philosopher: the work the artist completes, or the text the writer creates, is not governed in principle by preestablished rules. The work or the text cannot be judged by a determinant judgment, by the application to this work, to this text, of known categories. These rules and categories are precisely what the work and the text are seeking. Therefore, the artist and the writer work without rules. Their job is to establish the rules of what will be created. That is why the work and the text have the properties of an event”. These words, marked by Francios Lyotard to describe the postmodernisim as an actitud more than as a movement, also serve as starting point to speak on the work of Humberto Corral. His artistic production is not ruled by the already estrablished rules, that is to say, it is not limited by the parameters established inside the contemporary art. As plastic artist and writer, Humberto Corral creates a new way of interacting beteween the arts.


An essential tacit element in his artistic creation is the way in wich the artist shows his particular opposite attitude towards word, image, sound and world; wich (re)produces across them, simultameously as (re)thinks the act of doing art and literature nowdays. The merge beteween music, text and art opens a space so that a range of diverse features coexists. The intention is to make visible the fragments of multiplicity and diversity that surround us. A place of interwines, of lenguages wich its proposal is the possibility of a new attitude that includes both the banal and the light, as well as, the epidermal and intolerant of the human feelings, is Humberto`s work. The work of art as the crossing that makes co-incide and co-exist the forms is not trivial; it is the product of a high selectivity by the artist on havings created an event that reflects his actitud upon humanity. This way, the work of Humberto Corral can be seen as a big gesture were a personal speech is placed in the center wich is a reflection, sometimes sweet, sometimes tragic, of the human desenchantment.


Text: Analola Santana U.C. Irvine, California.




Electrolitic Etching, Linocut and Sole cut

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Some Of Humberto Corral Morales Musical Work Under The Name "Desorden Juana Gallo"